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5 Bad Driving Habits to Correct

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After we’ve been driving for a while it’s easy to pick up different bad habits. Louisville’s traffic can be very heavy in certain areas, so realizing certain habits now and changing them sooner is in your best interest.

Always Signal

It happens quite often that a turn signal isn’t used because either you don’t see anyone behind you, you’re in a turn only lane and don’t think it’s necessary or sometimes it’s too late. After so many “oops” moments, it can become more easily forgotten and not used when it should be. Even if you think it’s pointless for the time being, just remember how important it is in the long run.

Make a Complete Stop

Rolling through a stop sign or stop light can cause you a lot of problems if it happens at the wrong time. Being sure to make a complete stop even if you think no one is around, or the light is about to turn green being patient can prevent the worst.

Drive the Speed Limit

Driving at the designated speed limit that is set is there for your safety and everyone else on the roads. It allows you to travel at the same speed as those around you or the roads would just be mayhem. Not only are speeding tickets expensive, but they are unnecessary. Avoid them by following the law.

Don’t Be Distracted

It’s easy to be distracted by what’s going on around you; construction on the side of the road or a crash that happened in the lanes over. Try your best to avoid paying attention to the other things and focus on your own route. Be aware, not distracted.

DO NOT Look at Your Phone

And probable the most important, do not look at your phone. If you are using your GPS it’s smart to invest in a phone holder so you are able to attach it and suction cup to your windshield. This allows you to be hands free and listen to the navigation instead of trying to read it while driving. Take a pledge to now text and drive and if you need to make a phone call pull off to the side or in a parking lot.

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