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Motor Vehicle Accidents Involving Minors

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What happens when your minor is injured in a car accident with you or in someone else’s vehicle?

Deaths of children younger than 13 in motor vehicle crashes have declined since 1975, but crashes still cause 1 of every 4 unintentional injury deaths. Most crash deaths occur among children traveling as passenger vehicle occupants, and proper restraint use can reduce these fatalities.

Filing a Claim for a Minor

Minors are generally entitled to bring the same claims as an adult accident victim. But there are often additional requirements mandated by law, the Court, or at the request of the insurance companies involved.

These requirements may include:

  • Appointing a Guardian to act on behalf of the minor;
  • Obtaining Court approval of the negotiated settlement terms;
  • Establishing a blocked account at a financial institution to maintain the minor’s settlement funds until he/she reaches the age of majority;
  • Periodically filing updates with the Court;
  • Obtaining Court approval to release the minor’s settlement funds from the blocked account because he/she has reached the age of majority.

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