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If you’ve been injured in an accident, you need experienced lawyers and staff that you can trust. You’ve come to the right place. Kevin has been representing injured people and their families for years, practicing law since 1992. Matt and Dustin started working with Kevin when they were in law school, and now have years of experience themselves.

And although we believe that we have the best staff in the world, we also understand that our clients want to work directly with a lawyer on their case. We are committed to provide personal service to every client, and to make sure that every client works directly with us as your attorneys. You can learn a little bit about us here, but the best way to get to know us is to contact us now and let us give you a free initial consultation about your accident or injury.

At Kevin Crooks, PLLC, we stake our reputation on taking care of the needs of our clients. We understand how an accident can drastically alter the daily lives of our clients, and we make a commitment to be responsive, prompt, courteous and understanding. We know the insurance companies and how they work, we know the doctors and how they charge, and we know that our clients don’t want to be stuck in the middle of that process with unpaid bills and collections. We know that jobs can be disrupted, and we know what avenues are available to address lost wages. We know that cars are ruined by accidents, and we know what rights our clients have to address those damages. And we know that our clients have pain and suffering from an accident, and they have the right to be compensated. We have helped thousands of accident victims pick up the pieces of their lives. Schedule your free consultation today and find out today how we can help you.

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