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Most Dangerous Intersections in Louisville

The Bluegrass Justice released a report citing the most dangerous intersections in Louisville. The state’s overall vehicle accident rate is higher than the national average and also has seen an upward trend in recent years. Here are the most dangerous intersections and roadways (provided by Bluegrass Justice):

  • Dixie Highway at Pendleton Rd
  • Hurstbourne Pkwy at Bunsen Way
  • Bardstown Rd at Grinstead Dr
  • 1-65 South on JFK Memorial Bridge
  • 5400 Block of New Cut Rd
  • 1-64 West near mile 13
  • 1-264 West near mile 13

What makes an intersection dangerous?
There can be many scenarios as to why an intersection/roadway is dangerous, but the two listed below are the two most common.

Complex Traffic Signs- At many intersections you have bike lanes to the right of traffic, pedestrians crossing in front of left turning vehicles, oncoming and cross traffic, and the vehicles driving next to you to look out for. This is already a difficult scenario, add a few “no turn right on red” signs that are blinking, “turn on arrow only” signs, and others and you add even more confusion to the scenario. This makes it incredibly difficult to navigate an already busy intersection.

Blind Turns- We’ve all pulled up to an intersection with a building right next to it and crept up to see around the building. This in itself is dangerous because you may have to pull slightly out into the road to actually see, putting you in danger of being hit from the side. On top of that, many people will turn with an obstructed view and just chance it.

If you know you are driving through a dangerous intersection be cautious and be aware. Drive slowly and be a defensive driver. This could help prevent numbers and statistics from rising.


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