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Don’t Say These 3 Things to an Insurance Adjuster!

If you have ever been in a car crash then you have most likely spoken to an insurance adjuster. Insurance adjusters are very good at their jobs and are very good at being so friendly that people tend to open up to them and say too much. Insurance adjusters are trained negotiators and their job is to represent the insurance company, not you.

The first thing that you need to know is that you do not have to consent to being on a recorded line. Most insurance adjusters will tell you it’s a recorded line :for quality assurance” and ask you consent.  We advise that you decline to being recorded.  Second is stick to the facts, using as few words as possible.  For example:

Correct: I was rear-ended by your insured.
Incorrect: I was about 20 yards from the car in front of me when the injured hit me from behind going about 20 miles per hour, causing me to hit my head on the steering wheel.

You do not have to give them speeds, distances or explain what your body did in the crash. Finally be very careful about the things you say when speaking to them.  Remember they are looking for ways to deny or minimize your compensation.  Refrain for saying, “I think, “I don’t remember,” and, “I’m sorry.”

I Think

Saying, “I think” sounds very uncertain and uncertainty is not the statement you want to make.  They will turn “I think so” into you not remembering what happened, in fact they may even try to turn it into your fault.  Answer truthfully with a definitive “Yes.”

I Don’t Remember

You to not want the adjuster to claim that you don’t remember what happened. They could then claim that you are making stuff up or have a fuzzy memory of what actually happened.

I’m Sorry

Why would you apologize if you did nothing wrong?  Apologizing infers guilt which means they could try to turn the tables to you being the one who caused the accident.  Unless your dog starts barking while you are trying to talk to them, then there’s no reason to apologize for anything.

We Can Help

You do not have to deal with insurance adjusters alone, if you need legal counsel because you have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, contact Kevin Crooks office today.

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