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How to Best Clean Your Car During a Pandemic

clean car

  • Clean your hands with some and water before you get in your car and always have hand sanitizer on hand for times when you can’t wash with soap and water.  Also make sure you clean your phone and credit cards.  Disinfecting wipes should be kept in the car for frequent use.
  • Clean your car interior regularly, daily would be ideal.
  • Think about all of the surfaces in your car that people touch, yourself and your passengers. Handles, seat belts, your gearshift, control buttons, steering wheels, etc.
  • When cleaning your car don’t use harsh cleaners that will damage your cars’ interior.  Avoid bleach, ammonia-based cleaners, and peroxide.
  • Rubbing alcohol is a great cleaning solution for the car and will also kill coronavirus. Soap and water with a microfiber cloth work as well.  If you use alcohol on leather you will want to follow up with a leather conditioner.
  • Change your car’s cabin air filter frequently.
  • When pumping gas, wear gloves, or at the very least make sure you use wipes or sanitizer when you are finished.
  • If you are going to have passengers that are sick, or might be sick, consider wearing a face mask and asking them to as well.
  • Most importantly, as always, don’t touch your face!Photo by Mike from Pexels

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