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Our Top 3 FAQ’s Answered

When people call us after they are involved in an accident, we receive numerous questions. Time and time again we find ourselves answering the same or similar questions. Today, we answer our top 3 most frequently asked questions.

  • What do I have to pay for if you take my case?
    At Kevin Crooks, PLLC, we work on a contingency basis, meaning there is no charge if there is no recovery. If we do recover for you, you pay us a percentage of what you recover. Court costs and other case expenses are the responsibility of the clients, and will be deducted from the recovery.
  • What is no-fault or PIP insurance?
    If you have been injured in an accident in Kentucky, and the driver of the vehicle that you were riding in – even if it is you – has insurance, then in most cases, you will have “no fault” or PIP insurance. PIP, or personal injury protection, insurance is in addition to the insurance that allows you to recover from the person who is at fault for the accident, and is immediately accessible. It will pay, with minimum insurance, up to $10,000 of your expenses such as medical bills, lost earnings (up to a limit per week), and other out of pocket expenses such as prescriptions and transportation.
  • Where will the money come from to pay my bills?

    1. A typical auto accident victim in Kentucky will have immediate problems with medical expenses, pain and suffering, inability to work and/or to carry on usual daily activities, damage to automobile and future needs. The possible sources of recovery available in such a situation include:
    2. The no fault/PIP insurance that attaches to the vehicle in which the injured party was traveling (or by which the injured party was struck if a pedestrian or cyclist).
    3. The liability insurance that is carried by the person responsible for the accident;
    4. The personal assets of the person responsible for the accident, if insurance is inadequate;
    5. The health insurance of the accident victim or the family of the victim;
    6. The underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage of the accident victim and the victim’s family members;
    7. Many other insurance and personal assets that are available in unique situations, such as the policies that cover corporate employers of accident victims and of those responsible for accidents.

If you have been injured in an accident and have questions, call Kevin Crooks today for a free consultation.

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