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School Bus Safety Tips

With the beginning of the school year quickly approaching, it is important to discuss school bus safety with your children. We compiled a list of the most important safety tips that will help make you and your child more comfortable and confident when they take the bus to and from school.

  1. When waiting to get on the bus, ALWAYS make sure that the bus has come to a complete stop before getting on.
  2. If you are standing across the street from the bus, wait for the driver to wave you across the street so you are sure that the street is clear of moving cars.
  3. NEVER walk behind the bus. It is important to always stay in the vision of the bus driver.
  4. Stay in a group if you can, or have a buddy with you at the bus stop.

If your child is new to riding the bus, go over these simple tips to ensure safety throughout the school year. If your child has ridden the bus in previous years, it is still important to review these tips with them before the start of the school year.

Parents, there are some tips to help keep you safe as well. Staying alert while driving during pick-up and drop-off times will help ensure the safety of the children around you. Also, remember to never pass a school bus while the stop sign is out. Lastly, if possible it is always best to walk with your kids to and from the bus stop so you can monitor pick-up and drop-off.

Follow these tips to ensure a safe school year of bus riding. If you find yourself or your child involved in an accident involving a school bus, it is best to contact an attorney who can guide you through this difficult time. Contact Kevin Crooks today at (502)583-6667.

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