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The Dangers of Riding a Moped

Mopeds are an under looked cause of accidents on the road. Just like motorcycles, they can be dangerous to ride and can leave you with serious injuries that could last a lifetime. However, many people may not understand that they are often even more dangerous than motorcycles to ride due to the differences between them. Today we will take an in-depth look at the most common causes of moped accidents and how you can stay safe.

Common Causes

There are several differences between motorcycles and mopeds which may result in an accident.

Reduced visibility

Mopeds are smaller than motorcycles and way smaller than passenger vehicles which makes them easy to miss when changing lanes or making a turn. They are typically quieter, too, making them less detectable if they are in a driver’s blind spot. 

Less stability

The wheels on a moped are smaller than a motorcycle’s which makes them more prone to losing balance and falling or flipping over. Small debris like rocks or pebbles can easily cause issues to the moped’s functioning. 

Unaware car and truck drivers

Car and truck drivers may simply not be expecting or used to being around mopeds and other small vehicles. They may not know the law concerning mopeds and whether or not moped drivers have right-of-way. This kind of ignorance can mean a simple but dangerous mistake for both drivers. 

Lack of rider experience

Riding a moped may feel fun and exciting, but many people don’t realize that their inexperience may land them or someone else in the hospital. Practice riding your moped on quiet streets first and get used to operating your vehicle before driving in more challenging areas.

Safety Tips for Moped Riders

Mopeds can be a great alternative to a car or bike for many people. However, safety should always come first — whether you are traveling to work, school, or simply for fun. Here are some safety tips you should follow. 

  1. Wear the appropriate gear.

Wearing a helmet can save you if you get into an accident. Whether or not your state requires you to wear a helmet, it is the safest bet to protect your head. We also recommend wearing bright clothing so that people can see you better and you are less likely to get in a collision.

  1. Monitor weather conditions. 

Precipitation can make roads slicker and reduce visibility. Check the forecast before heading out and consider only a ride in the rain if it is necessary. 

  1. Pay attention to potential hazards on the road. 

You’ll want to look out for things like potholes, gravel, and railroad crossings. Be aware of when you are in a driver’s blind spot and make yourself as visible as possible.

Contact the Lawville Attorneys

As a motorist, you have a responsibility to be informed and ride safely. Remember to always play it safe when riding a moped and consider your potential impact on other drivers. If you have been injured in a moped accident in Kentucky or Indiana, speak with an experienced moped accident attorney today to discuss your case for free.

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