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The Unexpected Impact of Fewer Trucks on the Road

Most people think that fewer trucks on the road means less truck accidents. But surprisingly, the opposite is true – in fact, a decrease in truck traffic can actually lead to an increase in truck accidents. This phenomenon is often called the “speed-up effect,” and it’s something that drivers should be aware of when they’re sharing the road with large trucks.

How It Works

The speed-up effect works like this: when there are fewer trucks on the road, those that remain face less congestion and experience shorter delays. This causes their drivers to drive faster than they normally would if roads were more congested. The increased speed also means that there’s less time for truckers to react if something unexpected happens, leading to more serious accidents when they do occur.

The speed-up effect isn’t exclusive to crashes involving trucks – it applies to all types of vehicles as well. In fact, studies have shown that a decrease in traffic can lead to an increase in crashes overall due to drivers driving faster and taking more risks when they’re not slowed down by other vehicles on the road.

Safety Tips for Sharing the Road With Trucks

Even though fewer trucks on the roads may lead to an increase in accident risk, there are still some things drivers can do to stay safe while sharing the roads with large commercial trucks. These tips include:

• Be aware of blind spots – Truckers have limited visibility around their vehicles due to their size and design, so make sure you avoid lingering in blind spots or passing too closely at intersections;

• Leave plenty of space – Large trucks need longer stopping distances than smaller cars or motorcycles because of their weight and size, so leave lots of room between your vehicle and any nearby trucks;  

• Pay attention – When driving near large trucks, always pay close attention and keep your eyes open for signs of potential trouble;  

• Follow traffic laws – Always follow all posted speed limits and traffic signals around large trucks;  

• Use extra caution at night – Nighttime driving is always riskier than daytime driving due to decreased visibility, so use extra caution when driving near large trucks at night;                      

Sharing the roads with large commercial trucks is unavoidable for most drivers these days. And although having fewer trucks on the road might sound like a good thing at first glance, it can actually be quite dangerous due to something known as “the speed-up effect”—when truckers drive faster due to decreased congestion on roads with lower traffic levels. By following basic safety precautions such as being aware of blind spots and leaving plenty of space between your vehicle and any nearby trucks, you can help ensure everyone stays safe while sharing the roads!

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