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Tips for Driving on Ice

Yesterday’s ice storm in Louisville looks like it is just the beginning of a week of dangerous driving conditions as more snow and ice is in the forecast for the coming week.  As always when road conditions are bad the best thing you can do to protect yourself is just to stay home, but that’s not always possible.  If you have a truck then driving in the snow may not be a big deal, or maybe you are from up north and you’re used to it.  But for the rest of us it can be a nerve-racking experience!

1. Stay calm.  Having high anxiety can make the whole experience worse!

2. Drive slowly. High speeds are usually what will cause you to lose control.  High speeds also make stopping difficult, so drive slow!

3. If you can, just out in the middle of the day when the outside temps are at their highest.  Many times even if it’s below freezing the sun will melt some of the ice.  It is also much harder to spot black ice in the dark.

4. Avoid bridges and overpasses when possible. These areas ice over much quicker than other areas due to their inability to trap heat.

5. Make sure your car is stocked with the equipment you would need should you end up in a ditch.  These items include a fully charged phone, windshied scraper, shovel, cold weather clothing, and a flashlight.  If you will be traveling through a remote area you may also want to add emergency flares, matches, a first aid kit, and a battery powered radio.

6.If your car begins to slide, remain calm, keep your foot off the pedals, steer in the general direction you want to go, and find areas of the roadway that offer traction. Hit your hazard lights or turn signal so other drivers know what is happening and that they need to stay away from you until you regain control.

7. If you end up in an accident try to move your car to a safer area.  You do not want to be in a position where other cars can slide into you.  This could cause a very dangerous situation for many people.

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

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