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Tips After Being Injured in A Car Wreck

The one thing we all wish we never have to encounter, yet the one thing that is almost always inevitable; a car wreck. Car accidents can be extremely stressful even more so if you are injured. We most commonly get asked, “what do I do after being injured in a car accident?” So, we have the top 5 tips to help you.


1. Seek medical attention for yourself or anyone if needed first and foremost. This is not only important for your and others’ safety, but it’s also very important for your injury claim if needed in the future. Some people are hesitant to go to the hospital or doctor because of cost or hoping the pain is only temporary. However, it’s needed to better your case and also help your recovery process.

2. Get the driver’s information if you are able. Name, address, and phone number are the 3 most important. If you are unable, contact the police who were investigating the crash and writing a report. They will be able to relay the missing information.

3. Make a police report. As mentioned above, a police report should be taken. The police should be called and their process will be to file a report for each person’s records. This is much needed if you’re going to file an injury claim in the future. Having a police statement can save you from having to go back and forth because their information will be the correct information.

4. Gather witness information. If there was a nearby witness or witnesses, get their account of the accident. They will be priceless in helping put together liability for your case. Judges and jurors like to hear accounts from those not related and have no relation to the victims of the accident. Passers are the best way to got for a more validated case.

5. Take photos. Something that should be a given, but sometimes forgotten (due to all the other craziness happening) is to take pictures. Take pictures of the point of impact, where the vehicles ended up, license plates, damage to both the car and yourself, and anything else you feel necessary. Sometimes the driver who caused the accident will admit fault, and not follow through with it to the insurance company. Pictures will most definitely help your case.

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