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What is a Bobtail Truck and Why is Bobtailing dangerous?

bobtailing truck

With the large size of semi-tractor trailers, they are not hard to spot on Kentucky and Southern Indiana roadways. Even though bobtail trucks are essential to our economy, they do present a safety hazard to others who are on the road. Bobtailing refers to driving a semi-truck without a trailer attached. 

So when you see just the cab part of a semi being driven the driver is bobtailing. Contrary to what you may think, trucks are more dangerous when they are not hauling a load. This is because they are more difficult to maneuver and break. 

When Does this Occur?

This often occurs when a contracted truck driver is sent out from dispatch to a pick up site without an initial load. It often happens when a load is dropped off and there is nothing to load back on, or at the end of a driver shift. 

Why is Bobtailing Dangerous?

Bobtailing is dangerous because a semi-truck cab is not designed to be driven this way. They are designed to be driven with the heavy weight of the trailer. Most of the braking power is under the trailer in the rear axle. Therefore, when a semi-truck is bobtailing, there is not a lot of weight over the rear axle causing braking power to be reduced.

Steering can also be affected by bobtailing. If the driver makes a sudden or sharp turn, the turn may start to skid. The risks are also increased when it is rainy or windy outside.

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