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What is the Good Samaritan Law in Kentucky?

phone calling 911

The purpose of Good Samaritan Laws are to protect those who come to the aid of others in an emergency. There have been instances where a good Samaritan rendered aid to someone and ended up getting sued for helping!  An example of this is if you were giving someone lifesaving CPR and in the process accidentally cracked their rib. Good Samaritan laws were then created to help encourage bystanders to help without fear of repercussions.  As long as the help you provide does not cause more harm to the person being helped, you will be protected under Kentucky’s Good Samaritan Law.

In addition to the Good Samaritan Law there is also what is known as a “911 Good Samaritan Law.”  This law was created in response to the increase in accidental drug overdoses. This law protects a drug user from being prosecuted, when they call 911 for another person who is overdosing.  The 911 Good Samaritan Laws prioritize the victim’s safety and resuscitation over arresting drug users.

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