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Why Warmer Weather Causes Increased Accident Rates

It seems that the winter season is finally behind us, and summer is getting closer and closer. While most people think that winter is the time of the year when most accidents, happen, unfortunately, that is wrong. Often, people assume that winter is the time when more accidents happen, due to the fact that there are snowstorms, icy road conditions, and less daylight. However, when April hits and the weather begins to get much nicer, motor vehicle traffic increases visibly.

The spring and summer seasons bring their own set of safety hazards to be aware of when driving during this season. When the weather is nice, more people are out and about, whether in a vehicle or as a pedestrian. It is important to be cautious of crosswalks, especially during this time of the year. Another reason why you see increased accidents, is due to the heavy traffic caused by people travelling for vacations. Other hazards may include sun glare, which makes it difficult to see during certain times of the day, and increased vegetation around roadways, which limits the visibility of drivers and pedestrians. The important thing to remember during this season, and any time you are driving, is to stay alert and drive free of distractions at all times.

As the spring season gets into full swing it is important to keep in mind the dangers and unique driving conditions that are present during the warmer months. If you have been injured in a automobile accident or a pedestrian accident, call Kevin Crooks today to schedule a free consultation.

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