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Common Causes for Brain Injuries

There are different types of brain injuries, some are more severe than others.  The life complications of a  traumatic brain injury can be both monetary and emotional. When a traumatic brain injury happens as a result of the negligence of others the victim will need compensation for economic losses, medical bills, as well as emotional pain and suffering.

A brain injury affects a person physically, behaviorally or emotionally. Brain injuries can happen at birth or may arise later from trauma or an illness. Depending on the cause of the injury, a brain injury is called either traumatic or non-traumatic.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries can sometimes be hard to spot because they are not always visible.  For example, in 2009 actress Natasha Richardson refused medical attention after a skiing accident because she didn’t even realize she was injured.

The most common causes of traumatic brain injuries caused by the negligence of others are:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Falls
  • Violence or gunshot wound

Causes for Non-Traumatic Brain Injury

A non-traumatic brain injury is a result of an illness or condition within the body. These are the most common causes of a non-traumatic brain injury:

  • Stroke (leading cause)
  • Tumors
  • Lack of oxygen (hypoxia)
  • Brain infections or inflammation
  • Other illnesses, such as cancer

Symptoms of a Brain Injury

If you suspect you or someone you know might have a brain injury here are some symptoms to watch for:

  • headache
  • blurred vision
  • difficulty coordinating balance
  • seizures
  • trouble speaking and swallowing
  • difficulty forming sentences or choosing vocabulary
  • trouble communicating
  • memory impairments
  • milder vision problems
  • changes in sensory perception
  • personality changes
  • confusion
  • difficulty with reason, focus and logic

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately.  If you have been to a doctor and you have a traumatic brain injury and someone else is at fault, call Kevin Crooks, LLC today.

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